A Swift Kick in the Butte

Some beer fans just won’t listen. You tell them it’s hot outside and they ought to be drinking something light, sweet, and refreshing and they ask what you’ve got on tap that’ll land like an anvil in their stomach and hit like a hammer to their head. For all of you hardcore, season-blind beer drinkers out there, I’ve only got one answer to that: the Black Butte XX Imperial Porter.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. “Black Butte? Really? Come on now, I want something that my taste buds will actually feel.”

And to that I say the only similarity between the XX and Deschutes’ watery session porter is the name. This ain’t your momma’s beer, wiseguy. Coming in at 11% ABV, the XX will take your name, kick your ass, and then bury you alive in a shallow pit. This is a beer that will eat your liver and then regurgitate it on top of your cooling corpse, homeskillet.

Denser than a concrete wall with coffee and cocoa and aged in whisky barrels to impart a boozy sweetness, this imperial porter is definitely for sipping. But for all you masochists out there, we’re selling this blitzkrieg of a beer in 20 oz imperial pints; you’d have to be a certifiable lunatic to order that much of it, but hey, it’s your funeral.

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