Anni5BREW: Weeklong Celebration Starts Today!

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Everyone’s still bleary-eyed and hazy from the Oregon Brewers Fest and the myriad other “festiv-ales” that battle for our liver’s attention in the month of July, the most holy of beer months. And just when you thought it was all over, and you could give those tastebuds of yours a rest and a cool glass of water, along comes Bailey’s Taproom to cap off this monstrous month with a killer lineup of extreme and eclectic brews.

In the past, you’ve been able to say, “Aw what the hell. It’s just one more day.” But not this time. This time, we really are out to give that liver of yours an ass-kicking it won’t forget. Because this time, it’s our fifth anniversary, and we’re going to party like it’s 2012.

Starting today, Monday the 30th, we’re kicking off a weeklong celebration that will get progressively more intense with new events every day until it goes nuclear for our annual Barrel-Aged Beer Festival on Saturday the 4th.

Today we’re offering you the chance to get Horizontal with a Yeti… or five. Great Divide’s classic Imperial Stout will be on tap in all its iterations– original, Oak Aged, Espresso Oak Aged, Chocolate Oak Aged, and Belgian Style. And a 25-ounce sample tray of all five will only set you back a measly $10.

Hey, we don’t want all your money on Monday, or you won’t be able to spend it on Tuesday for the Yeti’s cousin, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. If you can get off your horizontal in time, we’ll be serving up a vertical of this classic hop-monster of a barleywine from 2008 to 2012. How much, you ask? A 25-ounce sample tray of five costs $10. Noticing a pattern here?

Well, you won’t be noticing much of anything else on Wednesday aside from our menu of five rare (and a couple bonus) Oakshire brews: a Firkin of Dry Hopped Harvest Ale, Smokin’ Doobel, Rye Whiskey Aged Very Ill Tempered Gnome, Gin Barrel Aged Blackberry Imperial Stout, and Framboise (with Black Wolf Schwarzbier and Nitro Watershed IPA filling out the bonus category). Prices haven’t been locked down yet, but sample trays will be available, as well as snifters and imperial pints, depending on the beer.

If you’re still able to read beer names as long as “Rye Whiskey Aged Very Ill Tempered Gnome” without passing out on Thursday, then it’s time to get your smoke on down at the Taproom for one of my all-time favorites: Alaskan Smoked Porter. I’ll be bartending that day, but I’d much rather be on the other side of the bar with you folks, partaking in a five-year vertical (2007-2011) of this grandiose brew. Guess what the price is? That’s right: $10 to try all five on a sample tray.

As much as we love putting lots and lots of different beer on tap, we hate having to deal with all the kegs, especially when we own such a small cooler. Lucky for you, then, that we’re trying to get rid of as much beer as possible on Friday, when we’ll be offering ridiculously discounted prices on 5 Rotating Beers at a time. Kick one keg, and we’ll put another one on at a price so low, Geoff’s going to be feeling it in his wallet.

With an empty cooler again, everything will be ready for the Main Event: a Barrel-Aged Bonanza on Saturday that promises to eclipse all previous AnniBrews. Starting at 4 PM and running until 11:30 PM, admission will set you back just $5. Here’s a taste of some of the beers we’ll be tapping:

  • 10 Barrel Imperial Pray For Snow – Imperial Winter Ale (Brandy) 8%
  • Alameda The Bear Fighter – Stout/IPA blend (Whiskey) 7%
  • Anchorage Galaxy IPA – Sour Wit/IPA (Oak) 7%
  • Block 15 Cherry Canary – Firkin – Sour Belgian Golden with cherries (Oak) 7%
  • Breakside Old Whiskey Dick – Old Ale (Bourbon) 11.7%
  • The Bruery Tart of Darkness – Sour Stout (Oak) 5.6%
  • Burnside Red Light District – Imperial Stout (Rum) 11%
  • Cascade Sour Summer Sipper – Sour Blonde with orange (Bourbon) 6.5%
  • The Commons TBA
  • Double Mountian Ferocious Five – Imperial Brown Ale (Bourbon) 11.0%
  • Firestone Parabola – Imperial Stout (Bourbon) 13%
  • Flat Tail 2nd Anniversary – Nitro – Flanders Red (Pinot) 5.5%
  • Laurelwood Preacher in the Wilderness – Sour Tripel (Gin) 9%
  • Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Far West Vlaming – Flanders Red/Bruin (Oak) 6.5%
  • Lompoc 2010 Franc’ly Brewdolph – Belgian Red (Cabernet Franc) 7.6%
  • Ninkasi Imperiale Imperial Stout – Imperial Stout (Bourbon) 9.1%
  • Sierra Nevada Knock on Wood – Chocolate and Chili Imperial Stout (Bourbon) 9.2%
  • Silver Moon 2011 Bock Joy – Bock (Oak) 7.2%
  • Stone 2008 Imperial Russian Stout – Imperial Stout (Bourbon)
  • Uinta Labyrinth – Imperial Black Ale (Rye Whiskey) 13.2%
  • Upright Bailey’s Fifth Anniversary Beer – Six w/ cherry, currant and sweet vermouth (Pinot) 7%

On the seventh day, Beer God rested, but Bailey’s decided not to rest alone. On Sunday, we’re closing the bar and having a Private VIP Party to partake in some of Saturday’s highlights as well as some special vintage brews from Geoff’s cellar. If you were one of the lucky few to grab tickets to the event, we’ll see you Sunday!

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