AnniBREW 2: Survival Guide

With over 16 barrel-aged beers to get through, you’ve got quite the adventure on your hands tomorrow. And as every good adventurer knows, preparation is key. Here are a few steps you can take to get the most out of the fest:

1. Eat Before You Arrive: Bailey’s has never been the place for a hot, hearty meal, but tomorrow, our usual snack items disappear and while Santeria is available across the street, you may have trouble snagging a table to eat it at. Fill up on a good breakfast or early lunch and take a break for another meal later in the day if you’re planning to conquer all the taps.

2. Bring Cash: Plastic cards won’t do you any good tomorrow. Bailey’s is tucking away the credit card machine and going cash-only at the door to keep things running smoothly and to ensure you get your beer as quickly as possible.

3. Show Up Early: Last year got crowded very, very quickly and didn’t really let up the whole night. If our recent burst of business this summer is any indication, it could be even busier this year. Show up early and you’ll be able to grab a spot at the bar or at one of the few spots around where we’ll have tables and chairs (we’ll be removing some of them to allow for greater standing room space).

4. Devise A Strategy: Last year, several beers blew over the course of the night. While the majority of the beers this year are bigger kegs that are unlikely to run empty, there are a few that are likely to go before the end of the night (specifically, the Block 15, Cascade, Firestone, Lompoc, and Russian River). Review the list and decide which beers you most want to try and order those first while your palate is still fresh. By knocking out the favorites right away, you’ll be able to slow down and explore the other beers without fretting that they’re going to blow at any minute.

5. Take Water and Food Breaks: Barrel-aged beers are delicious going down, but kind of disgusting coming back up. We’d recommend not putting yourself through that experience (especially in our bathroom). Fill up your snifter with water after every beer to a) clean the glass in preparation for the next beer and b) keep yourself hydrated. And schedule a time halfway through your session when you can grab dinner somewhere and then return to the bar after. All you need to reenter is your snifter glass.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to barrel-aged bliss tomorrow at noon. See ya there!

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