AnniBREW 2

Saturday, August 1, 2009.

Write that date on the ceiling above your bed, emblazon it on your toothbrush, tattoo it across your chest, but whatever you do, don’t forget that August 1st is when Bailey’s 2nd Year Anniversary Party (or as I like to call it, AnniBREW 2) rolls out.

As anyone who showed up for our first anniversary can attest, it’s the strongest lineup of beers we have on all year (and that’s really saying something). And just like last year, we’ll be tapping barrel-aged beers exclusively, most of which are exceptionally rare and difficult to find anywhere else, let alone all in one place at the same time.

For the uninitiated, barrel-aged beers are rich, complex, and surprisingly smooth beers that have been allowed to age in various kinds of wooden barrels that previously contained whiskeys or wines. The process results in some of the most flavorful beer you’ve ever tried in your life.

While Geoff doesn’t want to give away too much about the anniversary too early, here’s just a small taste of some of the beers we’ll be tapping:

  • Double Mountain Terrible Two
  • Full Sail Black Gold
  • Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood
  • Lompoc Pagan Porter
  • Russian River Consecration
  • 2004 Cask Conditioned Fish Leviathan

I can’t tell you much more than that right now or Geoff will go all slasher psycho on me, but keep your eye on this blog in the coming days for the latest details…

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  1. barrel aged again, that shit is whack. put twenty IPA/IIPA and give the people what they really want, not this schwag!

  2. What time do you open on AnniBREW2?
    And, will there be a glass object to take home?
    And, are there any extra AnniBREW #1 glasses left?
    I became a regular, I think I am a regular, just a month after the 1st year anniversary, but I love you folks muchly.

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