AnniBREW Cubed: Beer List Part 3

Here are the descriptions for the remaining barrel aged beers we’ll be tapping at tomorrow’s anniversary. To check out the rest of the list, see part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.

Cascade Bailey’s Quadratic Formula is a special beer we devised with the gracious masterminds behind Cascade Brewery. They allowed us to visit their new barrel house over in SE Portland not once, not twice, but three times to concoct this master blend. One part Spiced Quad aged in Maker’s Mark, one part Burbonic Plague aged in Heaven Hills, two parts Big Red (a Flanders style sour) aged in Maker’s Mark, and one part from a mystery barrel we’re not allowed to tell you about. Five parts, four barrels, and one convoluted math analogy later and you’ve got yourself one of the most exciting combinations of flavors our taste buds have ever encountered. 10% ABV

Block 15 #181 is a two barrel blend of one year old lambic casked exclusively for AnniBREW3. Brewed with Belgian Pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, aged hops, and a wild yeast/bacteria from the Senne Valley in Belgium. Undergoing a turbid mash, extended boil, and fermentation and maturation in oak barrels, this lightly carbonated and unique brew will be served via gravity at cellar temperature. 5% ABV

Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood is made with Northwest hops, organic Pilsner malt, and a variety of special grains. After fermentation, it is aged with locally grown black cherries in bourbon casks. The fruit lends a sweet tartness to the brew’s finish, melding with the wood and adding a new dimension of complexity. 10% ABV

Hopworks For Those About to Bock is inspired by the German brewers of yore, who knew they’d need a heavier, heartier lager to make it through the late winter months and into the spring. This beer follows that tradition. Brewed in the winter months, this is an amber colored, bready and rich lager that has been aging in Buffalo Trace barrels since January. 7.1% ABV

Laughing Dog ’09 The Dogfather is “the brew you can’t refuse.” The bourbon barrel aged gangster has 7 different kinds of malts and 4 hop varieties, giving it a complex, rich flavor profile and it’s likely only gotten better in the year we’ve held onto it. 11% ABV

As for the final couple beers we’ll be tapping, we don’t have much detail beyond the style and the barrels they’re aged in. We’ll be tapping the Lagunitas Pinot Saison and the Three Skulls Wreckage (a barleywine aged in Bourbon barrels) and will be just as curious as you guys as to what to expect.

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