AnniBREW Cubed: Survival Guide

With each event under our belt, we like to think we get a little better at managing the flow, heading off potential disasters, and getting everyone their drink as quickly as possible. But the best way to ensure fast service and an enjoyable experience at the taps tomorrow is by following these simple tips.

1. Order by Number (And Be Prepared to Order). Long lines move quickly when everyone knows what they want and the bartender can deliver it to them as quickly as possible. Because there are twenty new beers on tap for tomorrow’s event and we’ll be dealing with larger crowds than usual, we won’t immediately know where everything is and we won’t be able to provide you with much information or feedback about what the beers taste like; to keep things moving, please be ready when it’s your turn in line and order by the number corresponding to the beer you’d like.

2. Drink Lots of Water. We recommend either bringing a thermos or filling up your snifter glass with water in between beers; it’ll clean out the glass for you and keep you hydrated. There will be some disposable cups available as well, if the concept of drinking beer-flavored water is too repugnant for you.

3. Bring Cash. We’re cash only tomorrow, so be sure to stock up on Washingtons, Lincolns and/or Hamiltons before you arrive.

4. Pace Yourself. Remember these are double digit ABV beers here, and if you want to get even close to trying them all, you can’t rush it. Start with the beers you’re most excited to see to ensure you don’t miss out on them, then slow it down and work your way gradually through the rest. We’re open for a full ten hours tomorrow and you can leave and reenter as you please (just be sure to bring your snifter glass back with you). Remember: there’s no point in gulping  beers that are meant to be sipped.

5. Eat Before You Arrive and Take Additional Food Breaks. A good breakfast (or lunch) is key for soaking up these potent brews. And if  you’re planning to be around for the long haul, remember that you can always take a break and come back. If you’ve ever been to Bailey’s before, you already know we don’t serve food, so go grab a burrito at Santeria across the street or a couple slices of pizza at Silver Dollar. It’ll give your liver some time to recover and your stomach something to digest besides alcohol.

6. If You Love Beer More Than You Hate Crowds, Show Up Early. Chances are, it will be a zoo when we open at noon. The beer maniacs out there (you know who you are) are used to fighting crowds, waiting in lines, and fretting over whether their favorite beer will be pouring by the time they get to it. If that sounds like you, get in line early so you can grab a rare table and lay claim to all the best beers before they kick.

7. If You Hate Crowds More Than You Love Beer, Show Up Later. The first few hours of a beer fest are always the most insane; if you don’t mind missing out on a couple of the rarer brews and enjoy things like personal space, sitting down, getting your snifter glass filled immediately, and talking with friends without having to raise your voice to a scream, you might consider showing up a few hours into the event after the first wave of beer maniacs has already come and gone.

8. If You Hate Barrel Aged Beer, Don’t Show Up. Let’s say you’re one of those people who sticks his nose up at any beer that isn’t an IPA or you only come to Bailey’s for our extensive, luxurious selection of fine wines or premium sodas; guess what? Tomorrow is the wrong day to show up. The register will be closed, and we will only be pouring the twenty barrel aged beers we have on tap and we will only be pouring them in the snifter glasses you get at the door. So, no, I’m not pouring you a 20 oz pint of Parabola, and if you ask me for a sample tray, I’ m not legally responsible for the violence I perpetrate on your person.

I think that about covers it! Bring your game face and your beer drinking attitude and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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