Announcing CellarFest 2010: The Best of the Basement!

Most people’s basements don’t collect anything more interesting than dust. Bailey’s basement, on the other hand, is where all the beer that’s too good to drink must be hoarded until such time as the world is about to end or we announce another annual festival spotlighting the best in rare and delicious brews.

And now is that time!

…er, not for the world to end, but rather to announce the first annual CellarFest. Geoff has agreed to part with some of his most beloved kegs of aged barleywines, strong ales, and imperial stouts and share them with you… albeit not without a little kicking and screaming on his part.

You won’t blame him the tantrum when you see what we’re tapping:

  • ’04 Fish Leviathan
  • ’06 Alaskan Smoked Porter
  • ’06 Terminal Gravity Bucolic Plague
  • ’07 Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws
  • ’07 Butte Creek Train Wreck
  • ’07 Full Sail Old Boardhead
  • ’07 Golden Valley Tannen Bomb
  • ’08 North Coast Old Stock
  • ’08 Rogue Glen
  • ’08 Lagunitas Olde Gnarleywine
  • ’08 Barley Brown’s Double Whiskey Ale
  • ’08 Lucky Lab Pavlov’s Imperial Stout
  • ’09 Fort George Coffee Girl
  • ’08 Laughing Dog Dogfather
  • ’09 Caldera Old Growth
  • ’09 Flying Dog Gonzo Porter
  • ’09 Deschutes Black Butte XXI

The CellarFest will commence on Saturday, January 23rd for a full ten hours of high-octane beer drinking, from noon until 10 PM.

Entrance to the event costs $15 and that will include a commemorative CellarFest 2010 snifter glass to take home and five tickets. All sampler fills cost one ticket, and each additional ticket after entrance is just $1.

As has been mentioned here before, aging strong beers like barleywines and imperial stouts helps smooth out harsh flavors and bring to the forefront subtleties which might have previously been overwhelmed by carbonation or alcohol. The end product is usually a brew that’s sublimely complex and yet dangerously easy to drink.

Or to put it another way, it’s the best stuff you’ve ever drunk from a basement.

5 responses

  1. Are you going to sell admission in advance, or is it first come first snifter? A friend of mine from North Carolina liked the beer list so much he is thinking of flying out just for the event.

  2. There should be plenty of room, don’t anticipate selling out. It would be nice to have an advance ticket sell system in place, but we don’t currently have one.

  3. This beer list should keep the Portland taxi drivers happy. Egads, there are some strong beers in that group.

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