Autumn? What Autumn?

Holiday beer season is upon us, folks!

What’s that? You say it’s been with us since September? Well, maybe at some beer bars, but at Bailey’s, we’re just finally indulging in the winter warmers now, with several taps dedicated to beers like the Ninkasi Sleigher, the Anchor Christmas, Deschutes’ Jubelale (on Nitro!), and Alameda’s Papa Noel.

So, what took us so long? Autumn beer, of course! I mean, it’s still technically autumn, but for some reason, we’re already talking about Santa Claus, winter sports and the New Year. Thanksgiving is still weeks away! Halloween just ended! What’s the big rush to start winter all of a sudden? Can’t we just indulge in the fall a little longer?

Personally, I’m a little sad to see Oktoberfests and Fresh Hop beers fading away in the rear view so quickly. I had some excellent versions of both styles in the past couple months or so, but not as many as I would have hoped. And I just don’t know if I’m ready yet for the heartier, boozy, darker beers. I’m still in kind of a medium-bodied beer state of mind. Plus, now that winter beer season has started, it won’t end until the spring, which seems like a very long time from now.

I can take at least a little solace in the quality of the winter beers we have on right now, though. Not a one of them is disappointing. They are each pretty exceptional, and after sitting down with a tray of them last night, I was beginning to feel swayed a little to that holiday spirit… although I still don’t know if I can get over the nagging impression that we are all getting to open our presents just a little too early.

More on these particular beers later…

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