Bailey’s 8th Anniversary: Session Alley

Saturday, July 25th
Noon to 11 PM

We can’t help ourselves; we love secrets. But for our eighth anniversary resolution, we’re changing our tune and singing our lungs out about the biggest festival we’ve ever attempted and each of the three bars running that day.

Our third and final bar will be Session Alley, a pop-up beer bar inspired by the success of The Drinking Lot, which took East Burnside by storm during the Craft Brewers’ Conference back in April. Newsflash: Portlanders love to drink beer outside, and while there are plenty of hearty individuals who don’t mind spending a sunny day inside downing barrel-aged brews, we didn’t want to exclude fair weather beer drinkers from our eighth anniversary shindig.

For one day only, we’ll be closing down SW Ankeny and backing in the beer trailer to serve up cold suds on a hot day. Session Alley will be unticketed and easily the most budget-friendly of the three bars running that day with cheap pints of beers meant for quaffing, guzzling, chugging and knocking back.

Best of all, there will be plenty of outside seating so that patrons from all three bars can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air at a picnic table together. For those needing a break from double digit ABVs, session beers are the antidote.

Although the term “session” is pretty thinly defined with some breweries offering beers as high as 6% ABV into the category, we tend to feel that for a beer to be truly sessionable, it should clock at around 5% or lower. With those guidelines in mind, we assembled the following list of easy drinking lagers and ales for your warm weather imbibing pleasure:

  • Boneyard Bone Lite – India Session Ale (4%)
  • pFriem Session IPA – India Session Ale (4.5%)
  • Pints Amerikaner – Berlinerwiesse (2.8%)
  • Falling Sky Hassel Haferbier- Hefeweizen w/ oats (4.5%)
  • Arch Rock Gold Beach Lager – Pilsner (5%)
  • Upright Todo Modo – Saison (3.8%)


A portion of all proceeds will be donated to New Avenues for Youth.

ABOUT NEW AVENUES FOR YOUTH: Since 1997, New Avenues for Youth has offered programs and services that empower homeless youth to exit street life. New Avenues believes that every young person should have food, shelter, and access to education and job training. New Avenues for Youth’s mission is to work in partnership with the Portland community to prevent youth homelessness and provide homeless and at-risk young people with the resources and skills needed to lead healthy, productive lives.