Bailey’s 8th Anniversary: The Fort George/Bailey’s Collaboration Beer!

anniareyouoakaged2We have one final surprise for this Saturday’s 8th Anniversary: a special barrel-aged collaboration beer with Fort George exclusive to Bailey’s Taproom! Named “Anni, Are You Oak-Aged?” this 9.7% Wee Heavy ale was brewed back in December during an employee retreat in Astoria.

We started with Golden Promise as our base malt and then snuck in a wily blend of specialty malts including cherry wood smoked barley. Fermented at high temps with an ESB yeast strain, the beer was then transferred to Bull Run whiskey barrels and aged for a little over six months.

Not only will this one-of-a-kind brew be available on tap for the festival, but we will also be offering a limited number of 32oz Crowlers for sale to-go. For anyone who hasn’t seen our Crowler machine in action, it seals cans of draft beers as easily as you might fill a glass growler, resulting in fresh tasting beer available outside its natural habitat.

Speaking of Crowlers, anyone looking to bring home some additional suds after the anniversary will want to check out Session Alley, where we’ll be canning off session IPA, Berliner Weisse, Helles and plenty of other quaffable brewskis in addition to serving pints for onsite consumption. All Crowlers for sale during our 8th Anniversary will be…wait for it – $8.

With mere days remaining before our 8th Anniversary blow-out celebration, there’s only one question that still hasn’t been answered: are YOU ready?