Bailey’s By the Numbers

Over the course of the past five years, we’ve gone through precisely “one helluva lotta” beer. How much exactly is that? Let’s let the numbers tell the story:

Total Number of Kegs:  3,234

Total Number of Kegs (First 17 Months): 453

Total Number of Kegs (Last 7 Months): 663

The Most Kegs We’ve Gone Through in One Month: 125 (July 2012)

The Least Kegs We’ve Gone Through in One Month: 5 (August 2007)

Favorite Brewery: Cascade (121 Kegs)

Runners-Up: Lompoc (93), Oakshire (79),  Hopworks & Lagunitas (74), Double Mountain (71), Fort George (65), Ninkasi (64)

(Notice that aside from Lagunitas, these are all Oregon breweries)

Number of states we’ve tapped beer from: 17

(Oregon, California, Alaska, Maine, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Missouri, New York, Delaware, Utah, Idaho, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Hawaii, Pennsylvania)

Total IPAs: 539

Total Imperial IPAs: 319

Total Stouts: 138

Total Imperial Stouts: 123

Total Barleywines: 74

Least Represented Styles: Braggot (3), Oyster Stout (3), Small Beer (3), Weizenbock/Doppelweizen (2 each), Wheatwine (2), Malt Liquor (2),  Gratzer (2), and Eisbock (1)

The Longest We’ve Ever Had a Beer on Tap: Pike Old Bawdy (76 days)

The Shortest We’ve Ever Had a Beer on Tap: Russian River Pliny the Younger (28 minutes) (1/6th bbl), Gigantic/Three Floyds Axes of Evil (7 hours) (firkin), and Hopworks IPX (8 hours) (1/2 bbl)

About how many beers do us poor bartenders pour on an average night in 2012: Over 450

About how many beers did us poor bartenders (or actually, just Geoff) pour on an average night in 2007: Over 100

How many kegs kicked on an average night in 2007? 1

How many kegs kick on an average night in 2012? 4.5

What was our slowest month sales-wise? August 2007

What was our busiest month sales-wise? July 2012

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