Bailey’s Gets “Jacked Up” Over 1 Year Crowlerversary

On April 8th 2015, we celebrated our newly acquired Crowler® machine and the launch of our Crowlers to Go! program. As the first bar in Portland to do so, we took a keg of Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack, “crowled” the entire thing off and sold them for only $5 each.

This Friday marks that one year anniversary and with well over a thousand Crowlers out the door, we thought it would be fitting to celebrate by once again offering up $5 Crowlers of – wait for it- Pallet Jack! We’ll kick it off a day early on 4/7/16 for Throwback Thursday. Supplies are limited and we’ll sell them until they’re gone.

We’re also happy to announce that starting this week, our Crowlers to Go will be available online for same day pickup! Just give us about an hour to get your order ready, or come in and have a pint while you wait.



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