Bailey's Taproom on Television!

A few months back, the cast and crew of the TNT television show Leverage descended on downtown Portland for a few days to shoot scenes for their sophomore season. In the season premiere episode, “The Beantown Bailout Job”, Bailey’s Taproom shares some screen time with actor Timothy Hutton.

After leaving Big Pinky, Hutton sees Bailey’s (in costume with a garish neon “BAR” sign) across the street and is just about to drop in for a pint of delicious microbrewed beer when a car loses control, turns into a computer generated image, jumps 50 feet into the air, turns back into a real car, and lands on its back. I was rooting for Hutton to ignore the crashed vehicle and grab an IPA at Bailey’s, but instead, he rescues a precocious girl and her father while some bad guy steals a briefcase from the backseat and escapes into Mary’s Club.

If you’re curious to check out the footage for yourself, it’s only the first three minutes of the show and it’s available for free online here.

Personally, I think Bailey’s could have a future in Hollywood. What do you guys think?

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