BelgianFest 2013 Details & Beer Descriptions


Tomorrow, Saturday, November 16th, we will be hosting our annual BelgianFest at the Taproom. If you’ve never attended before, the gist is this: we pick our favorite Oregon breweries and snag the most innovative, exciting and insane Belgian-style brews their ale-addled minds can ferment. If it’s a brewery that specializes in Belgian-style beers, we’re searching for something truly unusual, rare, and limited. If it’s a brewery that usually focuses on other styles of beer, we want to see them step up to the mash tun and swing for our draft lines with some heady Belgian ambrosia.

This year, we’ve reached out to some freshman brewers that have quickly climbed the ranks to honor student status. We’ve been so impressed with relative newbies like Agrarian Ales, De Garde, Mazama, Stickmen, and Humble that we just had to see how they would perform on the big stage. Alternatively, we knew it wouldn’t be a Bailey’s beer festival without some of our all-time favorite and most dependably incredible brewers, so we also contacted craft masters at breweries like Oakshire, Breakside, Laurelwood, and Burnside.

If you’re planning to attend but are curious how our festivals usually work, here’s just a quick rundown:

We’ll be open during our normal hours, from 2 PM to Midnight, and there won’t be any admission cost at the door or tickets to keep track of. As far as the mechanics of ordering a beer, it’s the same as any other day at Bailey’s. Order at the bar, start a tab or close it, credit card or cash. Beer will be priced for both smaller pours and full glasses, and most of the beers will share the same price structure.

Now, without further adieu, here’s tomorrow’s complete beer list (with updated descriptions):

Agrarian Ales Von Tassel
Belgian Blonde, 5.6%
A bright, fruity blonde ale brewed with over eighty pounds of pumpkin and… no spices. Fermented with a special Belgian yeast, subtle esters reminiscent of ginger and cardamom gently accent this floral fall beer.

The Ale Apothecary (TBFKA) La Tache (Cask Pin)
Wild Ale, 7%
This is a special cask version of Ale Apothecary’s year round table beer. Fermented with a house lactobacillus culture, La Tache is aged in oak barrels and dry hopped with Cascades for an entire month. This exclusive cask version of the beer is unfiltered and matured on white fir tips.

Ambacht Barrel-Aged G++
Belgian Strong Golden, 8.5%
A special barrel-aged version of Ambacht’s Belgian Strong Golden, this potent brew was aged for six months in Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam barrels, picking up flavor notes from the dark strong ale, bourbon, and the cherries that were still in the barrel.

Block 15 Framboise Rouge
Sour, 8%
A strong Belgian Wit beer fermented with brettanomyces and acid-producing bacteria and aged for 10 months in pinot noir barrels with fresh, organic raspberries.

Breakside Farmhouse Golden
Saison, 6.6%
A special blend of French blonde saison, American blonde ale fermented on tarragon, and a sour golden.

Burnside Gin Barrel International Incident
Belgian Wheat Wine, 9%
A wheat wine with almost 400 pounds of apricot as well as toasted cardamom, fenugreek, and cumin spices fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast strain and dry “hopped” with 8 pounds of scotch bonnet and dandicut chili peppers. Finally, the beer was aged in Bull Run Distilling gin barrels with fresh champagne mangos. Wild yeast from the mangos lends a sour profile.

Cascade Frite Galois
Sour, 4.6%
A light farmhouse ale aged for three months in white port barrels that were previously used to age Noyeaux. A light, crisp sour beer with hints of Noyeaux.

The Commons King’s Blend
Sour, 5.5%
A royal blend of three exceptional Commons beers: Gin Enkel with apricots, the Flanders style beer Harold, and Flemish Kiss.

Crux Dinkel
Spelt Wit, 4.5%
A spelt malt beer that uses a special Belgian Wit yeast. A refreshing, easy drinking combination of citrus, grass, and spice notes.

de Garde Morningstar
Wild Belgian Strong Golden, 16%
A spontaneously fermented wild ale version of the classic Belgian Strong Golden style, this will be fruity with hints of honey sweetness, light in color, and deceptively potent.

Deschutes Fresh Hop Saison
Saison, 5%
A complex blend of Vienna malts, spelt, and flaked oats, a classic saison yeast strain, and fresh, lemony Meridian hops.

Flat Tail Orange and Black
Black Saison, 6%
A saison with dark, roasted malts and sweet orange peel, this is dry and chocolatey with hints of citrus.

Gigantic/Ecliptic TicWitTic
Sour Wit, 3.9%
A traditional Belgian-style Wit soured with lactobacillus, hopped with Willamette and Crystal, and brewed with orange peel, coriander, and chamomile.

GoodLife Tumalo Kriek
Fruit Beer, 6.2%
A Belgian Pale Ale aged in oak barrels for two months with Oregon cherries.

Humble Larch Creek Harvest Ale
Belgian IPA, 7%
A fresh hopped blend of Cascade, Willamette, Magnum, and Brewer’s Gold atop a blend of American and Saison yeast strains to lend a spicy, fruity character.

Laurelwood Brett Grisette
Farmhouse, 3.8%
A sessionable, funky farmhouse beer that’s light in both alcohol and body but leaves a lingering, earthy, dry pucker.

Logsdon The Conversion
Wild Sour Ale, 7.8%
Logsdon’s first wild ale, this is a tart, juicy ale brewed in the farmhouse tradition and opened to wild fermentation.

Mazama Bourbon Dubbel
Dubbel, 8.4%
A rich, dark beer with flavor notes of raisins, plums, and currants aged in bourbon barrels for three months.

Oakshire The Existential Pumpkin
Saison, 5.8%
A saison brewed with pumpkin, two different kinds of Belgian Wit yeast, Styrian Golding and Saaz hops.

pFriem Belgian Stout
Belgian Stout, 11%
A decadent, rich stout with flavors of chocolate, fig, raisin, and cherries. Spicy, warming, and full bodied.

Santiam Abbey Porter
Belgian Porter, 6.7%
A porter fermented with a Belgian abbey yeast strain and then aged in bourbon barrels. Fruity, dark, and strong in flavor, not in alcohol.

Stickmen Fall 13
Saison, 7.5%
A blended beer/cider hybrid, this saison is fruity and spicy, light and sweet.


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