Brewers Hangin’ at Bailey’s

What do your favorite brewers do when they aren’t handcrafting sudsy masterpieces? Why, they’re at Bailey’s of course, kicking back and knocking back a few. And this week, they’ll all be here together!

For three straight days, from Wednesday the 21st to Friday the 23rd, the masterminds behind some of Oregon’s best breweries will be showing up and showing off some of their favorite creations.

On Wednesday, we’ll be hosting Ben Love from Hopworks, Van Havig from Rock Bottom, and Dave Fleming from Lompoc; Thursday will bring Full Sail’s John Harris, Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd, and Double Mountain’s Charlie Devereux; and Friday we’ll be wrapping up with Ben Dobler, Alex Ganum, and Chad Kennedy from Widmer, Upright, and Laurelwood, respectively. It’s all in conjunction with this week’s International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference, an event for creative individuals in the food and beverage industry to come together to exchange ideas, critique each others’ creations, collaborate on projects, and foster good relations.

The brewers will be here from 7 PM to 10 PM each night to share their insights with each other and you and to have their brains picked about the local beer scene. It’s a great opportunity to meet these guys one-on-one while enjoying your favorite Oregon brews at Bailey’s regular bargain prices.

Oh, and speaking of which, I guess you guys probably want to know which beers will be on tap from each of these illustrious brewers, right?

Here’s the run-down:

Wednesday: Hopworks Secession Black IPA, Rock Bottom Black Peter, Lompoc Helles.

Thursday: Full Sail Hop Pursuit, Ninkasi Kracken, Double Mountain IRA.

Friday: Widmer W-10 Pitch Black IPA, Upright Late Harvest, Laurelwood Saison.

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