Brewpublic Takes Over Bailey's Taproom!

Bailey’s Taproom will be yet another victim of blogger/beer afficionado Angelo De Ieso’s mad grasp for world beer domination on Saturday, October 10th. Head blogger for Brewpublic, good friend of the bar, and all-around ale maniac, Angelo appears at first to be a soft-spoken, modest fella with a peculiar predilection towards Boston-area sports teams. But make no mistake, this man knows where the dead bodies are buried.

How else can you explain his ability to singlehandedly procure kegs of the rarest, most innovative beers in the state from breweries that usually wouldn’t allow this stuff to leave their brewpub, let alone hitch a ride all the way to downtown Portland? Whether Angelo has dug up some fresh scandal or conspiracy in these brewer’s lives from his many years of investigative beer reporting or he has simply mastered the fine art of the Jedi mind trick, we can’t say for certain; what we do know, however, is that this list of high-octane one-of-a-kind brews pretty much speaks for itself:

  • Cascade Brewing 5 Barrel Thread
  • Barley Brown’s Baker City Wild Wet-Hopped American Strong Pale Ale
  • Caldera Rose Petal Imperial Golden Ale
  • Vertigo Midnight Harvest Fresh-hop Ale
  • Standing Stone Wet-Hop Amber Ale
  • Block 15 Bourbon Barrel-aged Fat Monk Dubbel
  • Hopworks Oregon Oak Aged Diablito
  • Seven Brides Imperial Marzenfest
  • Oakshire Collaborative Evil Belgian-inspired Strong Pale
  • BJ’s Enfant Terrible
  • Walkabout Jabberwocky Strong Ale
  • Hop Valley Vanilla Porter
  • Beer Valley Gone Fishin’
  • Roots Organic Oak-aged Island Red
  • Double Mountain Belgian Brown Ale
  • Upright Fresh Hop of Bel-Air
  • Full Sail Lupulin Fresh Hop Ale
  • Lucky Lab Bourbon Barrel-aged Irish Red Ale
  • New Old Lompoc Barrel Fermented Centennial IPA
  • Full Sail Vesuvius
  • Fort George CoHOPerative Fresh Hop Ale

Granted, hearing Angelo speak for these beers is almost as much fun as drinking them. You can check out his analysis of each of the above brews, along with all the most pertinent information about them HERE.

As far as what you can expect at Bailey’s that day, we’re going to just keep doing what we do best. In other words, no entrance fees, tickets, or taster pours. We’re serving up these bad boys in full 20 oz pints (or 10 oz glasses and taster trays if that’s your thing) at the usual hours (4 to midnight) at our usual prices (mostly…).

A few pints of rare local brew is the perfect way to celebrate the first year of Brewpublic and dish dirt with its lead blackmailer–I mean, blogger–Mr. Angelo De Ieso.

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