Bridgeport Hop Harvest on the Firkin!

This is what you call a “last-minute announcement,” beer fans. We’ve managed to snag a cask firkin of Bridgeport’s fresh hop beer, the Hop Harvest, and we’re tapping it tonight!

As a reminder, a “fresh hop” beer is one in which the hops are added to the brewing process right after being harvested, rather than the customary approach of freezing them. Ideally, the fresh hop process results in beers whose hops are more aromatic and flavorful, and in the case of the Hop Harvest, for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, the hop flavors are indeed stronger and actually build in intensity the longer you allow it to sit on your tongue. There’s also a well-balanced toasted malt body to the beer that supports the hops and doesn’t allow them to overwhelm.

As you may know, we’ve already got the regular CO2 version of this one on tap, but the cask option promises to enhance an already great beer. Cask versions are often more flavorful and subtle than their CO2 counterparts, albeit a tad less carbonated and not as sharp or as strong tasting as you may be accustomed.

But since we’ll have both variations available, you can judge the differences for yourself and determine which you prefer. And we’re keeping it cheap by offering 20 oz Imperial pints of the cask version for just $4.

Anyone curious about casks, fresh hops, or delicious IPAs in general should stop by tonight. We’ll be tapping this bad boy at 5 PM.

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