CellarFest 2: Return to the Basement

This Saturday, January 22nd, from 4pm to midnight, we’re re-opening the cellar and letting you guys experience a few surprises we’ve been saving all year.

For those who missed last year’s CellarFest, the gist is this: high octane, rare beers from the West Coast’s (and one East Coast’s) best microbreweries. This year’s list is an all-star lineup of some of the very best brews of the last 3-4 years with a little age on them to allow the alcohol burn to mellow a little and the subtle flavors hidden beneath to emerge. If you haven’t seen the full rundown yet, here’s what you can expect to knock back this Saturday:

  • Alameda ’09 Papa Noels
  • Barley Brown’s ’10 Havoc Imperial Stout
  • Beer Valley ’08 Black Flag
  • Bend ’09 Cherry Baltic Porter
  • Block 15 ’09 Pappy’s Dark
  • Butte Creek ’07 Train Wreck
  • Cascade ’09 Frost Killer
  • Dogfish Head ’09 120 Minute
  • Fish ’09 10 Squared
  • Fort George ’09 Cavatica Stout
  • Golden Valley ’09 Black Panther
  • He’Brew ’08 Jewbelation 12
  • Lagunitas ’08 Brown Shugga’
  • Lompoc ’08 Old Tavern Rat
  • Mad River ’08 John Barleycorn
  • North Coast ’08 Old Stock
  • Roots ’08 Festivus
  • Sierra Nevada ’08 Bigfoot
  • Stone ’08 Double Bastard

As usual, we’ll be running CellarFest like our other festivals: $15 cash at the door, which includes a souvenir glass (pictured below) and five tokens. Each additional token will cost just $1 each, and every beer available at the fest costs just one token per pour.

Now, without further ado, the CellarFest 2011 glass!

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  1. We’ll allow designated drivers in without paying. We might come up with a new system for the next event though.

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