GermanFest Beer Descriptions!

I’m a man of my word, and that word was a promise to give you fine, thirsty folks a free, descriptive taste of the 19 Oregon-made, German-style beers we’ll be tapping tomorrow for GermanFest. Here’s a little tease to get those tastebuds talking:

10 Barrel German Sparkle Party
Berliner Weisse, 4% ABV
Berliner Weisse is a sour, tart, fruity, effervescent ale often referred to as the champagne of beers for its light and sparkly texture. Traditionally, because of the tartness, it is rarely consumed straight and instead consumed with a shot of raspberry or woodruff syrup.

BaseCamp Rauch the Boat
Rauchbier, 5.1% ABV
This crisp dark ruby lager is brewed with a healthy dose of German rauch (smoked) malt and a touch of bittering hops to provide upfront balance; the smoky bite of rauch malt complements this beer’s dark chocolate and caramel body. Cellaring results in a clean, rich body and finish.

Block 15 Lemon Gose
Gose, 3.5% ABV
Pronounced “go-suh,” this German-style wheat beer is brewed with malted wheat, acidulated malt, salt, and Meyer lemon juice and peel. Refreshingly tart with a touch of salinity, notes of citrus and wheat.

Breakside Kellerbier
Kellerbier/Alt Hybrid, 5.5% ABV
Our Kellerbier is a hybrid of authentic Kellerbiers–unfiltered, cellared Bavarian-style lagers–and the light bodied, hoppy Altbiers of northern Germany. Deep red in color with a generous amount of German aroma hops balanced against bready malt notes.

The Commons Pils
Pilsner, 4.9% ABV
Featuring a dry, clean, crisp body with a strong, floral, Noble hop bitterness, The Commons Pils is brewed in the tradition of classic Northern German Pilsners which tend to be drier and hoppier than their Czech cousins.

Falling Sky Spelt Rebel
Dinkelbier, 5% ABV
Dinkel is German for spelt, an heirloom wheat variety that became the staple grain of peasants from the Bronze Age to medieval times. Capture aromas of clove, banana and bubblegum while adventuring with flavors of sweet bread and a spicy dry finish.

Flat Tail License to Pils
Imperial Pilsner, 7.5% ABV
A stronger, fuller bodied Pilsner with Weyermann Pilsner and Vienna malts and a generous heaping of all German Hallertauer Mittlefrue hops. An American riff on a classic recipe.

Gigantic Dark Meddle
Vienna Lager, 5.9% ABV
Our craft homage to the Vienna-style Lager brewed by our favorite Mexican grupo. A malty, full-flavored dark brew made with tasty German malts and piloncillo cane sugar.

Heater Allen Rauch Dunkel
Smoked Dunkel, 5.1% ABV
Comprised of 23% Beech smoked malt in the grist, this dark lager features hints of chocolate and a gentle smokiness that evokes subtle flavors of bacon and other smoked meats.

Hopworks Cultivator Doppelbock
Doppelbock, 6.4% ABV
Meant to sustain monks during times of fasting, this traditional German lager is a rich, delicious meal in a glass with the same bready, toasty malt character of a bock, but with ‘double’ the intensity. A healthy portion of Munich malts contribute a velvety body while a slightly higher alcohol content lends fruity notes of raisin and fig.

Humble Dusseldorf Rye Alt
Dusseldorf Altbier, 5.7% ABV
A Dusseldorf Altbier with a rye malt addition atop a Pilsen and Munich malt base, single hopped with Hallertauer. Alts are hybrid ale/lagers that use a special ale yeast that ferments at cooler temperatures, resulting in both fruity ale flavors and the cleaner body and finish of a lager.

Laurelwood Leatherman Lager
Marzen, 4.9% ABV
A delicious malt focused version of the popular Oktoberfest style, Leatherman Lager combines toasted malt, biscuit and bready notes with a robust body and a deep and brilliant red hue. Pairs particularly well with spicy foods as its sweeter malt body extinguishes the hottest of fires.

Lompoc Spring Bock
Maibock, 7.7% ABV
This lager was brewed with a generous amount of Munich malt to develop its deep amber color and rich malt flavor. That maltiness is balanced with a spicy hop bitterness. Maibocks are spring versions of darker winter bocks and are usually a bit lighter in both body and malt character.

Oakshire Auslaufen Rauchbier
Rauchbier, 5.6% ABV
Auslaufen Rauchbier is made with a special malt smoked over Cherry wood for a soft and sweet smoke flavor and aroma. It is a bright mahogany colored ale with a medium body and a balanced bitterness. The smoke clings on the palate, yet the beer finishes refreshing.

Occidental Bourbon Barrel Aged Lucubrator
Doppelbock, 7% ABV
A dark, strong lager, slightly sweet with a complex malt profile, this version of the Lucubrator has picked up an additional two months of barrel-aging since its winter release. The barrel-aging gives the beer a warm, well-rounded feel, while adding hints of vanilla and alcohol.

Silver Moon Back Country Bock
Maibock, 7.0% ABV
A traditional Maibock fermented with our house lager yeast and cold conditioned for four months. Weyermann Munich, Pilsner, and Caramel malts provide rich malty flavors and a medium body. Small additions of German Magnum and US Mt. Hood hops give a hint of spice and balance.

Upright Gose
Gose, 5.2% ABV
Based on an obscure centuries-old German style that incorporates salt and coriander into a distinctly tart wheat beer with a dry champagne-like finish.

Widmer Brothers Brotha From Anotha Motha
Bavarian Hefeweizen, 5.8% ABV
A Pilsner and Wheat malt backbone provides a clean, subtle maltiness which is rounded out by the addition of Munich malt. Flavors of clove and banana from the yeast provide unparalleled complexity and, left in suspension, provide a luxurious mouthfeel which lends body to an otherwise dry beer.

Worthy Easy Day Kolsch
Kolsch, 4.5% ABV
A light, crisp, straw-colored beer brewed with imported Munich malt and a touch of wheat, Perle hops for bittering and Willamette hops for a hint of old Europe spiciness, and the tart green apple aroma of a true Kolsch yeast. An effervescent front end segues into a soft mouthfeel that finishes dry and pleasantly bitter.

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