CellarFest Survival Guide

CellarFest is almost upon us! It all kicks off at noon tomorrow, and as a veteran of four previous fests, I can tell you that if you’ve never been to one of our big events, you’re in for a real treat. That said, if you aren’t already familiar with the way it works, here’s are a few tips to maximize your fun and help you get through the night.

1) Order by Number. Keep in mind that the seventeen beers we’re tapping tomorrow are all new to us and we’re going to be moving at 100 miles an hour to serve them up as quickly and efficiently as possible to thirsty beer drinkers such as yourself. If you can do us a favor and order by the number, it will mean beer for everyone twice as quickly.

2) Use Your Snifter Glass As A Water Glass. As with any other beer festival in town, there won’t be water glasses provided, so either bring your own thermos or fill up your snifter glass with water in between tastes. It’s a great way to both clean out your glass and hydrate between rounds.

3) Bring Cash. We’re cash only tomorrow, so be sure to stock up on Washingtons and Lincolns before you arrive.

4) Pace Yourself. Remember these are double digit ABV beers here, and if you want to get even close to trying them all, you can’t rush it. Start with the beers you’re most excited to see to ensure you don’t miss out on them, then slow it down and work your way gradually through the rest. We’re open for a full ten hours tomorrow and you can leave and reenter as you please (just be sure to bring your snifter glass back with you). The majority of these kegs probably won’t kick until the very end of the night, so there’s no point in gulping back beers that are meant to be sipped.

5) Take a Food Break. As mentioned in the previous tip, we’re open extra hours and you can always take a break and come back. If you’ve ever been to Bailey’s before, you already know we don’t serve food, so go grab a burrito at Santeria across the street or a couple slices of pizza at Silver Dollar. It’ll give your liver some time to recover and your stomach something to digest besides alcohol.

6) If You Love Beer More Than You Hate Crowds, Show Up Early. Chances are, it will be a zoo when we open at noon. The beer maniacs out there (you know who you are) are used to fighting crowds, waiting in lines, and fretting over whether their favorite beer will be pouring by the time they get to it. If that sounds like you, get in line early so you can grab a spot at the bar and lay claim to all the best beers before they kick.

7) If You Hate Crowds More Than You Love Beer, Show Up Later. The first few hours of a beer fest are always the most insane; if you don’t mind missing out on a couple of the rarer brews and enjoy things like personal space, sitting down, getting your snifter glass filled immediately, and talking with friends without having to raise your voice to a scream, you might consider showing up a few hours into the event after the first wave of beer maniacs has already come and gone.

I think that about covers it! Bring your game face and your beer drinking attitude and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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