De Garde Night at The Upper Lip

Friday, June 28th, De Garde is taking over The Upper Lip (720 SW Ankeny St).  Occupancy is limited and tickets must be purchased ahead of time.

Hang out with newly engaged Linsey Hamcher and Trevor Rogers from De Garde Brewing and drink their amazing spontaneously fermented farmhouse inspired ales.

$12 gets 6oz pours of the following beers:

Unblended Bueze (barrel#2): Young Oregon Unblended Lambic style ale. Spontaneously fermented and aged in oak barrel with our ambient yeast and bacteria. 6%abv
Banks: A special blend only for Baileys Taproom consisting of 40% ‘Regards,’ our Double India Wild Ale, and 60% ‘Bueze,’ our young Lambic inspired Ale. 7.3%abv
Cranberry Bu Weisse: A single cask, Gin barrel aged version of our Wild Berliner Weisse interpretation, with Oregon Coast Cranberries. 2.3%abv

Vieille Peche: Long aged Saison which spent some deep time in neutral oak. Light bodied with a full carbonation, crisp acidity and a complimentary peach aroma and flavor that doesn’t overshadow the beer itself. Meant to be an interpriative throwback style, we combined the base beer with Oregon peaches to highlight the natural fruit flavors and acidity provided by our wild yeast and bacteria. 6%abv

All of these were produced, or are being released in quantities of 8 kegs or less: 8 Cran-Bu, 3 Banks, probably 3 Bueze from this cask. This beer is not easy to come by.


Two Sessions available for purchase:

Session 1 (5-6pm) – CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

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Session 2 (6:30-7:30pm)

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