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Howdy, beer fans! Remember that tonight is our Lompoc Lager Night, and that Thursday, from 4-8 PM, we’ll be offering tastes of the following Belgian-style bottled beers:

  • Jolly Pumpkin Fuego del Otono
  • North Coast Brother Thelonious
  • Midnight Sun La Maitresse du Moine
  • Ommegang Three Philosophers
  • Avery The Reverend

If you haven’t delved into some or any of these beers before, it’s a great opportunity to explore styles that are especially tough to find out here on the west coast and on our normal draft menu. These are beers that are fruity, spiced, sour, and strong. And because we’ve chosen a couple of different styles of Belgians, you’ll get a little added variety to give you a broader picture of the Belgian beer experience.

Belgian beer is so different from what most of us often think of when we imagine our favorite beverage that it has converted many a wine, champagne, or cider lover to beer. It also has a knack for opening the eyes of even the most blinded Hopheads to the possibilities of a beer that relies more heavily on its yeast and malt choices.

Anyone who stopped by for last month’s bottled barleywine tasting already has a good idea for how this works, except that Geoff has decided to add an extra beer this time around to increase the variety. The price remains the same, though. Just $10 for 4 oz tastings of all five Belgian-style beers.

So after you’ve sobered up from tonight’s Lompoc Lagers, get ready for some of America’s best representations of Belgian beer tomorrow.

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