Firkin Mondays!

Mondays are the worst. Everyone’s always in a rotten mood to be back at work, the traffic’s usually the heaviest, and by the end of the day there’s not much to look forward to besides four more days of the grind.

Until now, that is.

Starting January 3rd, we’re making the term F’in’ Mondays stand for something you can exclaim with a grin rather than a grimace. Each and every week, we’ll be tapping a brand new firkin cask brew from some of Portland’s best microbreweries.

For those unfamiliar with what a firkin is, it’s essentially the same thing as the cask beer we used to serve on our “beer engine,” in that the brew is naturally carbonated through the process of an additional fermentation rather than being primed full of fizzy CO2. The  only real difference lies is in the manner of dispensing the beer; the specialized firkin vessels we’ll be using are designed to pour by means of a gravity system that pulls the beer into the glass without the need for hand pumping. This results in a more controlled pour with less foaming and also preserves the beer for longer, as it prevents most of the surrounding air from getting into the keg and spoiling its precious contents.

The flavor difference between cask beer and draft is substantial. Cask beers are typically far smoother and creamier and flavors that might have been overwhelmed by aggressive carbonation come to fruition on the taste buds. Stronger beers are especially delicious on cask, as they are teeming with complex flavors but lack a lot of the harsher elements that can make them so difficult to drink out of the bottle or on tap.

Here’s a schedule of our first firkin cask beers, starting on the first Monday of 2011:

3rd – Breakside Brown Porter
10th – Laurelwood Workhorse IPA
17th – Alameda Black Bear XX Stout
24th – Rock Bottom (Undecided Brew)
31st – Hopworks Secession CDA

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