List of Events

August 1, 2007 – First Day of Business

Deschutes Obsidian Stout – Nitro, Anderson Valley Boont Amber, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, Laurelwood Mother Lode, Lost Coast Imperial Pilsner, Mac and Jack’s Serengeti Wheat, Ninkasi Believer, Off the Rail Coal Porter, Roots Gruit Kolsch, Stone Ruination, Terminal Gravity Triple, Walking Man Barefoot Brown

August 2, 2008 – First Anniversary Barrel Aged Fest

Allagash Curieux, Cascade ’05 Yarleywhine, Cascade Flanders, Firestone Parabola, Fish Old Woody – cask, Fort George Illuminator, Full Sail Top Sail, Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood, Laurelwood Moose and Squirrel, Lompoc LSD, Lucky Lab Flanders, Lucky Lab 5-ton, Mia & Pia’s Barleywine, Rock Bottom Rod Flanders, Roots ’06 Epic

August 1, 2009 – Second Anniversary Barrel Aged Fest

Block 15 Super Nebula, The Bruery White Oak, Cascade Bourbonic Plague, Deschutes Streaking the Quad, Double Mountain Terrible Two, Firestone Parabola, Fish ’04 Leviathan – cask, Full Sail Amber, Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood, Hopworks DOA, Lagunitas Ruben and the Bretts, Lompoc Pagan Porter, Lucky Lab Beljamin, Oregon Trail Porter, Rock Bottom Maude Flanders, Rogue John John, Russian River Consecration

October 10, 2009 – Brewpublic’s Killer Beer Fest

Standing StoneWet Hop Amber, Hopworks Barrel Aged Diablito, OakshireEvil Belgian, Block 15 Barrel Aged Abbey de Frankfort, Double Mountain Abbey Hoffman, Caldera Rose Petal, Seven Brides Drunkel, Barley BrownWet Hop, Fort George Fresh Hop CoHoperative, LompocBarrel Aged Centennial IPA, Upright fikin – Fresh Hop of Bel Air, Vertigo Hop Harvest, Beer Valley Gone Fishin’, Hop Valley Vanilla Porter, Lucky LabBarrel Aged Red Barron, RootsBarrel Aged Island Red, Big Horse MacStallion, BJ’sEffant Terrible, Cascade 5 Blend, Walkabout Jaberwocky

January 23, 2010 – First Annual CellarFest

Fish ’04 Leviathan, Terminal Gravity ’06 Bucolic Plague, North Coast ’08 Old Stock, Laughing Dog ’08 Dogfather, Barley Brown’s ’08 Double Whiskey Ale, Flying Dog ’09 Gonzo Porter, Butte Creek ’07 Train Wreck, Full Sail ’07 Old Boardhead, Golden Valley ’07 Tannen Bomb, Rogue ’08 Glen, Lagunitas ’08 Olde Gnarleywine, Fort George ’09 Coffee Girl Stout, Hair of the Dog ’07 Doggie Claws, Caldera ’09 Old Growth, Deschutes Black Butte XXI, Lucky Lab ’08 Pavlov’s Imperial Stout, Alaskan ’06 Smoked Porter

July 31, 2010 – Third Anniversary Barrel Aged Fest

Block 15 #181 – Firkin, Rogue John John Juniper,Full Sail ’09 Black Gold,  Oakshire Very Ill Tempered Gnome, Fort George ’09 Illuminator, Upright Lambicus Six, Deschutes Pinot Twilight, Laughing Dog ‘09 Dogfather, Hopworks Those About to Bock, Lagunitas Pinot Saison, Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza, Firestone Parabola, Moylan’s Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale,  Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam, New Holland ’09 Dragon’s Milk, Allagash ’08 Curieux,  Russian River Consecration, Lompoc ’08 Bourbon LSD, Three Skulls Wreckage, Cascade Bailey’s Quadratic Formula

October 23, 2010 – Brewpublic’s Killer Beer Fest

Barley Browns Trappist Strong Ale, Cascade Sour Blueberry Wheat, Vertigo Hop Harvest VSB, Double Mountain Fresh Hop Killer Green, Walking ManHop Along, Coalition Liquid Sterling, Beer Valley Jackalope , OakshireCollaborative Belly of the Evil Beast, Pelican Full House, Lucky Lab Force of Nature, Lompoc Bourbon Barrel Monster Mash, FiftyFifty Totality, Fort GeorgeKentucky Coffee Girl Stout, Mt Tabor Sibeerian Bull, BreaksideGhost Chile IPA, Ninkasi Oak Aged Total Domination, Gillgamesh Fresh Hop Oktoberfest, Laurelwood Bay Laurel, Block 15Jack Straw, Prodical Son, Veloci-Rapture, Upright firkin – Four w/ Rose Petals

November 13, 2010 – First Annual BelgianFest

10 Barrel Dubbel Woody Cab., Ambacht G++, Barley Brown’s Trappist Strong, Beetje Blonde Beetje, Bend Wicked Medicine, Block 15 La Fermé de Demons, Astoria Blueberry Lambic, Caldera Vas Deferens Ale, Cascade Sour Bain de Brugge, Deschutes Marooned Belgian, Fort George ’08 North II, Laurelwood Old Bruin, Lompoc ’08 Brewdolph, Lucky Lab Doggie Kong, Oakshire Oak Collaborative Evil, Roots Brune “O”, Seven Brides Abbey Dubbel, Upright Barrel-Aged Seven

January 22, 2011 – Second Annual CellarFest

Alameda ’09 Papa Noel’s,  Barley Brown’s ’10 Havoc, Beer Valley ’08 Black Flag, Bend ’09 Cherry Baltic Porter, Block 15 ’09 Pappy’s Dark, Butte Creek ’07 Train Wreck, Cascade ’09 Frostkiller, Dogfish Head ’09 120 Minute, Fish ’09 10 Squared, Fort George ’09 Cavatica Stout, Golden Valley ’09 Black Panther, He’Brew ’08 Jewbelation 12, Lagunitas ’08 Brown Shugga’, Lompoc ’08 Old Tavern Rat, Mad River ’08 John Barleycorn, North Coast ’08 Old Stock, Roots ‘08 Festivus, Sierra Nevada ’08 Bigfoot,  Stone ’08 Double Bastard

April 16, 2011 – First Annual GermanFest

Widmer Alt, Laurelwood Alt, Block 15 Berlinerweisse, Flat Tail Corvaller Weisse, Heater Allen Hugo Bock, Bend Doppelbock, Seven Brides Weezin-ator, Vertigo Dunkelweizen, Cascade ’10 Autumn Gose, Coalition Hefeweizen, Columbia River Hollywood Hefe, Hopworks Helles Bock, Breakside Kellerbier, Silver Moon Bridge Creek Pilsner, Upright Engelberg Pils, Brewed by Beavers (Block 15) Rauchbier, Alameda Rye Not?, Lompoc Roggen Roll, Oakshire Black Wolf

August 6, 2011 – Fourth Anniversary Barrel Aged Fest

Block 15 Golden Canary, Breakside Gin Barrel Double Wit, The Bruery Cuir, Cascade Diesel, Collaborator ’09 Sled Crasher, Firestone Walker Parabola, Fort George Bourbon Cavatica, Flat Tail 1st Anniversary Sour, Hair of the Dog ’08 Michael, Hopworks Bourbon Ace of Spades, Jolly Pumpkin ‘10 La Parcela, Lagunitas Bourbon Cappuccino Stout, Lompoc Sour Willy, Ninkasi Gin Barrel KLCC Collaboration Brew, Oakshire Heart Shaped Box, Russian River ‘10 Supplication, Silver Moon Bourbon Barleywine, Upright ‘10 Lambiscus Six, Vertigo Port Tawny Blonde, Cascade Raspberry Beckamoyes, Full Sail Black Gold, Midnight Sun Green Devil, Nectar ‘09 Black Xantus, Russian River ’10 Consecration

October 22, 2011 – Brewpublic’s KillerBeerFest

10 Barrel Jimmy, Barley Brown’s Sled Wreck, Bend Ching Ching, Boneyard Skunkape IRA, Breakside Alexander Legume, Burnside Oyster Stout (Pinot), Cascade Blueberry Sour, Coalition Estate, Commons Gods Must be Crazy, Fort George Red Tide, Logsdon Fresh Hop Seizeon, Lompoc Sour Willy, MacTarnahan’s Barrel Aged Inkblot, Mt Tabor R&R Rooibos and Rye, Natian Old Grogham, Oakshire La Ferme du Funke, Occidental Sweven, Portland U-Brew Rooibos Red, Silver Moon Boyz in the Wood, Upright De La Six, Walking Man 09 Old Stumblefoot

November 12, 2011 – Second Annual BelgianFest

Ambacht Dark Farmhouse, Block 15 Bent Shovel, Boneyard Femme Fatale, Breakside Ambree, Caldera Vas Deferens, Cascade Cranberry Wheat, Columbia River Double Vision, Commons Revival, Deschutes The Stoic, Fort George Chapel XVI, Laurelwood Cardinal Sin, Logsdon Kili-Wit, Lompoc Fanc’ly Brewdolph, Seven Brides Abbey Ale, Silver Moon Andre the Giant, Upright Wiskey/Port Barrel Six, Vertigo Belgian Dark Strong

January 21, 2012 – Third Annual CellarFest

Alameda ’09 Papa Noel’s Moonlight Reserve, Alaskan ’09 Baltic Porter, Anchor ’08 Old Foghorn, Block 15 ’10 Belgian Bruin, Bear Republic ’10 Ebeweezner, Cascade ’09 San Noir, Deschutes ’09 Black Butte XXI, Fish ’09 Monkfish, Golden Valley ’09 Tannen Bomb, Lagunitas ’09 Brown Shugga’, Laughing Dog ’09 Dogfather (cask), Laurelwood Old Reliable, Lompoc ’08 Brewdolph, Lucky Lab ’07 Old Yeller, Mad River ’08 John Barleycorn, North Coast ’09 Old Stock, Oakshire ’08 Angry Little Gnome, Russian River ’08 Salvation, Sierra Nevada ’09 Celebration, Stone ’09 13th Anniversary

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