GermanFest: Final List and Details

Holy schnitzel! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the complete list of beers available at this Saturday’s GermanFest!

  • Alameda Roggenbier
  • Bend Doppelbock
  • Block 15 Berlinerweisse
  • Block 15 Brewed by Beavers Rauchbier
  • Breakside Kellerbier
  • Cascade Gose
  • Coalition Hefeweizen
  • Flat Tail Berlinerweisse
  • Heater Allen Bock
  • Hopworks Helles Bock
  • Laurelwood Alt
  • Lompoc Roggenbier
  • Oakshire Schwarz
  • Seven Brides Doppelbock
  • Silver Moon Pilsner
  • Upright Gose
  • Upright Pilsner
  • Vertigo Dunkelweizen
  • Widmer Alt

The festival kicks off this Saturday, April 16th, at 4 PM for general admission ($15 cash at the door) and  2 PM for pre-sale ticket buyers (Sold Out).

Admission for both entrances includes a 13 oz. German beer glass that’s yours to take home at the conclusion of the fest and five tokens. Half pours (6 oz) cost 1 token, full pours (12 oz) cost 2 tokens. Additional tokens can be purchased at the door for $1 each.

If you’ve ever visited one of our festivals before, you already know the drill: have your tokens and glass ready, order by number at the bar, and feel free to come and go as you please to stay properly nourished and hydrated. Just show your glass at the door for re-entry.

We’ll have a photo of the beer glass tomorrow as well as an FAQ for any festival newbies out there. In the meantime, pick out your favorite pair of lederhosen and stock up on sauerkraut, fellow beer fiends!

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