GermanFest: Questions Answered

Here are some commonly asked questions that should help you get the most out of this Saturday’s big event. Anyone who’s been to one of our fests before probably knows all this, but if this is your first fest, some of this information might come in handy.

1. What’s the difference between the pre-sale and general admission?

Pre-Sale tickets allow entrance a couple hours early to the event. The tickets cost a little more, but they limit access to the event for a more leisurely drinking environment and guarantee a seat somewhere in the bar. If you haven’t gotten your pre-sale ticket yet, they’re all sold out, but general admission has no limit and can be bought at the door the day of the event for $15 cash.

2. What’s the best time to arrive for general admission?

While it is possible a beer or two might kick before you arrive, it’s pretty unlikely to happen within the first few hours, especially at this festival as most of our kegs are larger than usual. To avoid the crowds and get a little more personal space, we recommend showing up between 6 and 7 o’clock. If you don’t mind missing one or two beers off the list, showing up even a little later, perhaps around 9 o’clock, affords you a better chance of getting a place to sit and a more relaxed atmosphere. We’d  recommend showing up no later than 10 PM in order to have plenty of time to work through the taps and try everything you’re interested in.

3. How late are you open?

Until midnight. We’ll do last call around 11:30 and probably cease selling admission at the door around 11:00.

4. Don’t you guys accept credit cards?

Normally, yes. But for our festival events, it’s cash only. ATMs are in abundance in this ‘hood.

5. How is the festival run?

You’ll buy your admission (which includes a glass, five tokens, and a beer list) at the door. Decide which beer you want, have your token ready, and please order by number and size (either half or full) at the bar. Then grab yourself a seat or a place to hang out and enjoy! Due to the usually high volumes of people, the quicker you can be ready with your token and order, the faster we can get to every customer.

6. What if I run out of tokens?

Additional tokens are just $1 and can be purchased at the front door.

7. Is there food or water available?

No food, but we have self-serve water and cups at the front door near where you entered. We recommend either arriving with a full stomach or taking a food break midway through and returning. You’ll just need to bring your glass for free re-entry.

8. Can I get a taste of a beer before I order it?

In order to keep things moving, cut down on our dishes, and keep the prices low, we won’t be allowing free tastes. One token ($1) gets you a good sized 6 oz taster of a beer; if you really like it, you can come back for a full 12 oz pour for two tokens ($2).

9. What the hell is a roggenbier?

Study up on German beer styles HERE ahead of time, but don’t worry if you can’t remember something. We’ll have a handy menu with a brief description of the styles.

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