Get Bend!

By complete coincidence, both Geoff and I have visited Bend, Oregon recently. I went last weekend and Geoff visited the weekend before that. There is a lot of very good beer being brewed out there and we decided to bring some back for the bar so that you folks could get a little tour of the Bend brewing scene (and surrounding outskirts) without all the unnecessary driving.

So what beers did we pick up? Here’s a quick list:

  • Wildfire Anniversary Strong Ale (on tap)- super-fruity and boozy with a nice hop aroma, but minimal bite.
  • Bend Dark Lager (on tap)- clean lager with just a little roast; great session beer when you’re feeling like a dark beer but can’t stomach all that dense coffee and chocolate.
  • Three Creeks Organic Golden Ale (on tap)- light version of the style, refreshing with just a hint of honey sweetness.
  • Silver Moon Hop Knob IPA (on tap)- a very nice session IPA with a well-balanced mix of malts and aromatic hops, plus a ton of citrus and some spice.

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