Happy Holidays

Figured I should probably get a blog out there, since Michael is not around to do it.  First, wanted to say happy holidays, and thanks for a terrific year!

Second, you might have already seen, but wanted to remind all of you that we will be closed from the 21st through January 1st.  So, not all 20 taps are going for the next couple of days, there are currently 18 and the beer engine up and running.  There are also a few beers I don’t want sitting ten extra days while we are closed; I currently have them at a dollar off ($3.50 for 20 ounce pint).  Depending on how tonight and tomorrow go, I may do something special for Saturday, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed

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  1. Thanks for the deals… Was glad to stop in tonight for the special prices! I keep track of the blog through my Google Reader and I appreciate the announcements.

    Thanks for being one of the best places in Portland as an outstanding beer venue.

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