Hausbier Series #2 – All Gold Everything

 Bailey's Taproom 10 Year
Hausbier #2We’re excited to announce the next release in our Hausbier series: All Gold Everything!  The beer will be debuted this Saturday on cask during our first annual U.K. Fest. We will then transition to the draught version of the beer, followed by another cask version of the beer inoculated with Brett. C. The idea behind this is to loosely replicate the evolution of an English Pale Ale as it would evolve in 1700s England, but in a controlled environment. 
We thought it might be fun (and hopefully educational) to include a brief history of the style and recipe for each beer featured in the series. We selected the British Golden Ale style for a few reasons. First its light, easy drinking, and encompasses what we’re looking for in a house beer (sessionability). Second, we expect this style to be relatively approachable to the American craft palate. English styles are still a pretty tough sell with contemporary American craft beer drinkers, so we thought we might as well brew one of the closest styles to American IPA.


British Golden Ale is one of a handful of styles (Czech Pilsner, Marzen, Vienna Lager) which has a specific date and example associated with it. The first example being a beer developed in 1985 by a mid sized brewery in England called Hop Back. They marketed the beer as a summer seasonal and called it Summer Lightening. This is the origin of the English Summer Ale synonym. The style grew in popularity and quickly became a year round style, this required the renaming of the style to the more generic British golden ale. 

The Style:
Like most pale historical styles, British golden ale was designed to compete with light lagers that were dominating consumer preferences. The style is very pale, noticeably bitter, possesses a moderate UK hop aroma/flavor (earth, wood, pine, fruit), low UK base malt flavor/aroma (bread, toast), and low levels of fruity English esters. While UK hops defined the initial style, modern US hop varietals have become increasingly common in the style.


Our Beer:
British golden ale
4.8% ABV
35 IBU
OG 1.045
FG 1.008

100% Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise
Bittering addition of Norther Brewer
Flavor and aroma additions of Willamette and Cluster
Calcium sulphate addition to replicate Burton region of England
Ferment @ 70F w/ Wyeast 1318 London Ale III