I Love A Mystery

People are always bringing cool stuff into the bar to share with Geoff and I, but yesterday was especially interesting. One of our loyal regulars showed up with two giant bags filled with various unopened bottles of stout, some of them originating from the early 90s. Apparently, a fellow he knew by the last name of Stout had been saving the bottles in his office as a sort of novelty decoration item; not being a drinker, he had never actually consumed any of them.

The regular brought in a selection of these beers for us to use, either to extend our already spectacular bottle collection lining the window sill or to sample for ourselves. Highlights include North Coast, Sierra Nevada, Rogue, tons of English beers, and several microbreweries that have since gone out of business; it’s a pretty sweet blast from the past.

While we’re betting that most of these stouts have gone bad by now, we’re holding out hope that some of the stronger ones, a couple of imperial and double stouts for instance, might have actually held up after all this time. Ten year old imperial stout could be ambrosia… or a disgusting mess. Is it killer or will it kill us? Whatever the case, there’s nothing I love more than a beer mystery.

Of course, Sherlock Geoff has to first work up the nerve to crack one open…

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