Last Chance for Pliny the Younger

For anyone who doesn’t know yet (and happens to check the blog today), we tapped Russian River Pliny the Younger on Saturday and it’s been a mega-hit. One of only a handful of kegs to arrive in Portland, this rare Imperial IPA has elicited more than a few “best beer I’ve ever had” utterances from rabid fans.

If you haven’t tried it yet or have but need one last glass before it goes, today is the day to stop by Bailey’s. Based on its activity in the past three days, this will blow by the end of tonight, Wednesday the 4th of March.

Don’t miss it!

One response

  1. Pliny the Younger IS the very best IPA EVER!!!. I applaud Bailey’s for being so well-educated.
    I have yet to visit the Taproom, tonight will be my first, and even though the Pliny’s been tapped, one look at this list is sure to please.
    Looking forward to it…

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