Leavenworth Nosferatu on Cask

Leavenworth’s Nosferatu Red Ale is ready to bite you in the mouth. It’s on cask today.

I haven’t tried this beer yet, but I’m intrigued how a malty red ale will show up on cask. It’s only 5.5 ABV, which means you could stand to throw a couple of these back. It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve had a red that I really enjoyed, so fingers are crossed that this one succeeds.

If nothing else, the cask treatment should result in a far more full-bodied and complex brew, allowing more of those caramel and rich toasted malts one would expect from the style to come through. Leavenworth’s track record on these lighter style beers is also pretty impressive. This is one vampire that shouldn’t suck.

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