Life Is Better On Nitro (And So Is C-Note!)

That’s it. I’m calling it. Life would be better if it was filtered through a nitrogen tap. There wouldn’t be war or starvation or disease or natural disasters. Through the nitro, everything just smooths out and slows down, gains some substance and loses a little of its bite. I’ve always been a little wary of utopian visions, but I think this one is worthy of being tapped.

The Lompoc C-Note on Nitro is responsible for my sudden fanaticism. I had a glass of it last night and am yearning for a repeat. It’s not just good, beer fans, it’s FREAKIN’ AMAZING. It’s an IPA milkshake, all hoppy and bitter and yet sweet and creamy and oh-so-easy going down.

This is the first time I’ve ever had an IPA on Nitro, so I didn’t really know what to expect initially. My devotion to Nitro porters and stouts began with my first taste of North Coast’s Old Rasputin and hasn’t really abated since (see my spastic response to the Shakespeare Stout). But recently, we’ve had an amber (the Cinder Cone) and now this C-Note IPA on the Nitro tap and it’s totally revolutionized my concept of beer. I’ve had both on draught CO2 previously and really enjoyed them, but in my humble opinion, the Nitro is just far superior. Now I’m wondering… what would a barleywine taste like through the nitrogen? Or how about a wit? Can someone please sell us a nitrogen conditioned wit keg? I’d trade my eyesight for a taste of that.

Hell, I’m ready to call myself a Nitro Hippy and dub CO2 an anachronism. Who’s with me? Who’s joining my revolution? The first order of business is throwing away all those CO2 tanks and start making the conversion. I’m talking to you, too, Geoff: Twenty Nitro taps! Get on it!

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