More AnniBREWsary Beers Revealed!

Even though our big party is tomorrow, today is technically the one-year anniversary of Bailey’s Taproom, which opened last August 1st to enormous crowds and huge critical acclaim. (Okay, okay… would you believe seven beer snobs and a blog posting somewhere?) As a birthday present to all you guys and gals that have kept us in business for 52 weeks and counting, here are 6 more of the AnniBREWsary beers available tomorrow evening.

  • Lucky Labrador Cherry Flanders (Whiskey Barrel)
  • Cascade Flanders Red (Pinot Barrel)
  • Cascade ’05 Yarley Whine, Barleywine (Pinot Barrel)
  • Rock Bottom Rod Flanders (Pinot Barrel)
  • Mia & Pia’s Barleywine (Whiskey Barrel)
  • Lompoc LSD, Strong Ale (New Oak)

We’ll have a total of 15 barrel-aged beers on tap tomorrow, which means there are still 3 very special MYSTERY BEERS that won’t be revealed until the big day itself. It also means that while $10 will get you in with a free Bailey’s snifter glass and five 4 oz samples, $20 will get you the entire experience–the glass and all 15 beers. If you opt for the latter option, might I recommend public transit (which may turn out to be an ambulance if you drink all that beer)?

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  1. The Cascade Flanders Red (Pinot Barrel) was tops on my list. There was such a great selection. I can’t wait until next years bash! Thanks Guys!

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