Breakside/pFriem SoCal Pils – 16oz


Pilsner – 5.5% Portland, OR

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We finally got together with our close friends at pFriem and made a beer together! Both pFriem and Breakside pride ourselves on making a wide range of styles well, and both of our breweries have a passion for both classic lager and hop-forward West coast beers. We wanted to create a beer that represented both breweries’ strengths and identities, so we made a legitimate West Coast Pilsner. This is NOT, we repeat, is NOT a dry hopped lager, nor an IPL, nor an IPA in disguise. Our teams asked themselves what a pilsner brewed with Northwest-grown hops like Strata and Mosaic would be like if the goal were to still make a beer that looked and tasted like a traditional lager. We could wax philosophic about the nuances of this beer all day, but in reality it’s just plain delicious. Have a pint and see if you think we honored both American hopheads and European lager nerds with this sleek new beer. 5.5%