Brothers Cascadia 2019 Cadenza – 500mL


Golden Ale w/ Brettanomyces Barrel Aged  (Oak) 6% Vancouver, WA

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From the Bottle: 

“In this beer we stripped back the layers and let the character of Brettanomyces perform on its own. All the other components in this ensemble fade back to give way to Brett’s roaring lead. Combining impressions of citrus, floral and pepper, this tasty solo hits on all the right notes and will keep jamming in the bottle until you’re ready to experience this instant classic.”

From the Brewer:

“Maybe not the sexiest style of beer in the world, but for us it speaks magnitudes. There’s something beautiful about balance, subtlety and simplicity. By no means is that to be taken as this is a “boring” beer, just that it’s not trying to win your affection with big, flashy fruits or mouthwatering acid profiles. It endears itself by being a beer you could drink with any meal or refresh you after working extra hours on a Friday night. 

This beer started its life as something similar to a Saison. After the beer was done, it made its way into some fresh red wine barrels with a healthy pitch of The Yeast Bay’s Amalgamation (a blend of Brettanomyces). Over the coming 9 months spent in its new home, the Brett culture had done some magical things. The phenols and esters that came from the Saison fermentation had evolved into a bouquet of citrus with hints of floral and peppercorn. In a perfect world we would keep this beer and drink it all to ourselves, but I’m told we should share it with you as well.”