Brothers Cascadia 2019 Lydian 500mL


Sour Golden Ale w/ Raspberries 6% Vancouver, WA

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From the Bottle:

“The First beers ever composed and brewed at Brothers Cascadia were designed to be aged in barrels and blended into our first sour beers. This mixed culture ale combines qualities of raspberry jam and a balanced acidity that leads you through a melody worth enjoying now and for years to come.”

From the Brewer:

“If you are in possession of one of these bottles, know that it may be the beer that is nearest and dearest to my heart. This is batch 1 of our Chromatic Series and the first beer ever bottled here. Back in those early days it felt like we were constantly trying to get our feet under us while learning the nuances of our new brewery/company, but something about this beer always felt like a winner.

We got the fresh Saanich raspberries during the summer of 2017 from Dobbins Farm in Ridgefield, Wa. They were the final harvest of the beloved grandfather and patriarch of the farm, Jerry Dobbins. These raspberries are something special. They were unbelievably sweet with very low acidity. It tastes like the candy version of the fruit. This paired extremely well with a beer that already had plenty of wonderful tart character. It’s jammy, candy-like and complex, and we believe that the nature of the fruit has been frozen in time for you (who are hopefully enjoying this beer).

I hope all the hard work, love, partnership and anxiety that we all put into this beer comes through in the end. It was a truly special project for everyone here who had a hand in it.”