Brothers Cascadia 2019 Resonance – 500mL


Wild Ale w/ Peaches Vancouver, WA

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From the Bottle:

“The definition of resonance is ”when several strings are tuned to harmonically related pitches, all strings vibrate when only one of the strings is struck.” We feel this way with this beer. This complex blend of unique barrels and a heavy handed dosing of peaches has caused our palates to reverberate to the pitch of this sour beer and sing along to its tune.”

From the Brewer:

““It’s a strange thing to be obsessed with the same thing day in and day out for years and still feel like a relative novice. I definitely get that sense with these mixed culture beers. We’ve been making them here at Brothers Cascadia for over 2 yrs now and test batching them for even longer, but I still feel like there is so much to learn and we are only just now scratching the surface.

With Resonance we were able to stretch out our blending muscles and push what we thought would and wouldn’t work. In the end we took two barrels that had great Brett/yeast character and two others that had more barrel presence and acidity. These latter two were also predominantly made with our “Bottle Share Culture” (you know who you are) and those beers have turned into some of our more interesting barrels in our collection.

“How much peach should we add to this beer? A ton!” Personally, peach sours are some of my favorite beers so I didn’t want to under shoot this one. We ended up using over 3 pounds of peaches per gallon of beer. After a vigorous re-fermentation that consumed the sugars from the peach, we were left with massive amounts of peach flavor and a fun, complex acidity that lingers from the first whiff until long after it’s gone.”