Crooked Stave Flor d’Lees – 375mL


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American Wild Ale – 5% Denver, CO

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Spontaneously fermented in oak barrels, Flor d’Lees derives its name from the microflora that reside in our brewery and the yeasts lees that develops in each barrel. Reminiscent of the great spontaneous Belgian lambic beers historically brewed throughout the Senne Valley, we uphold the time-honored production methods of a traditional malted barley and raw wheat grist, a turbid mash and extended boil with aged hops, overnight cooling of each batch in our custom-built coolship, wort inoculated entirely by the natural wild yeasts and bacteria residing around our coolship and native to our brewery for 100% of the spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels, all prior to the careful selection and blending of one, two, and three year old – or older – barrels, with 100% natural refermentation in the bottle. 5%