Urban Family/Reuben’s You Are Not Alone – 16oz


American Lager – 4.4% Seattle, WA

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You Are Not Alone, spearheaded by our friends Reuben’s Brew’s, was a no brainer for us. We love this community and the people that create warm and welcoming environments. We wanted to give what we could to them during these trying times, so a portion of the proceeds of this beer will be donated to Big Table Seattle to help our friends and peers who have lost their jobs in the hospitality industry.

We chose American Light Lager because we wanted to make something you could pound as a shift beer. We wanted to make a beer that pairs well with its “industry-focused” branding, and overall something we can all drink together, even if we’re all apart at the moment. (Also that’s not Andy’s real signature. It’s slightly more legible.) 4.4%