Pumpkin Pandemonium! (Monday, October 8th)

For most of the country, summer’s end is met with relief. Soaring high temperatures, balmy humidity, extreme thunderstorms, and a profligacy of buzzing, biting insects are just a few of the seasonal nuisances that have taken their toll by mid-September. However, here in the Northwest, the summer means something else entirely: mild heat and ubiquitous blue skies and an escape from the clouds and rain that plague us the rest of the year. So it is that around this time every year, we feel a little melancholy about the changing of the seasons… until, that is, we find our consolation in the autumn harvest and in the beers that benefit from it.

Today we’re highlighting six gourd-geous pumpkin ales from Elysian, the brewery that has cemented itself as the Northwest’s premier purveyor of pumpkin beer. Along with our generous assortment of fresh hop beers currently on tap, there’s no question that Bailey’s has fully embraced the fall, even if the weather outside still feels a little warm (and sunny) for the season.

Here’s a breakdown of the six Elysian pumpkin beers you can expect to find on tap today:

Night Owl– Elysian’s classic pumpkin ale, with cinnamon and nutmeg aplenty.

The Great Pumpkin– An imperial pumpkin ale, which means a stronger, sweeter, fuller bodied ale that gets closer to replicating the rich flavors of pumpkin pie.

Dark O’ The Moon– An imperial pumpkin porter, which adds chewy, chocolatey malts to the mix.

Blight– Another off-the-wall entry in the Apocalypse series of beers, this imperial pumpkin ale also features brown sugar and fiery Vietnamese cinnamon.

Hansel & Gretel– The lightest pumpkin beer, this pilsner features a little ginger as well.

Hop Squash– A collaboration brew with Ninkasi, this first-of-its-kind Pumpkin IPA joins our two favorite fall harvest ingredients to duke it out in the glass.

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