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Hey, folks. Michael, your twice-a-week bartender, here. So, Geoff’s been a little negligent on the whole blog thing for the last month or so. I’m not going to make any excuses for the guy or even try to rationalize how he could so cruelly starve all you loyal customers of his insightful commentary for so long. I can only guess that he panicked at the challenge of having to surpass the brilliance of his last entry (April Fool’s Day! to all three of you out there who have been too far gone off barley wine and imperial stouts for the past month to pick up on Geoff’s rapier wit).

So, anyway, I’m picking up the slacker… I mean, slack, and will be bringing you more frequent updates about what’s on tap, what’s coming up, and sharing some news and commentary about not only what’s happening inside Bailey’s Taproom, but also what’s brewing outside these walls. I’ve got some wacky ideas for what this blog could grow into; I hope you guys and gals will stick around and humor me. (And by the way, this blog will be a lot more entertaining if you’re enjoying a pint while reading it.)

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