Secrets of the Taproom

Part 2: Take a Beer Flight

Most of us aren’t used to options. We figure that when we go into a bar, there will be—MAYBE—one or two beers we’d consider drinking. A quick scroll over the list and the mind usually starts crossing off possibilities pretty quickly. The first to go is all that macro schwill. If you’re lucky, there might be two or three reasonable—though often predictable—choices remaining.

The goal at Bailey’s is to shut your brain down with great options and send indecisive shudders down your spinal column as you start to order one beer, only to realize that there’s another on the list that looks just as good.

But we’re not completely without mercy. That’s why we’ve got a little something we call “the taster tray,” but you can call it “the beer flight,” or “the sampler” if you’re completely hopeless.

Here’s the deal. You choose any 5 beers that pique your curiosity, and we give you 5 oz samplers of each of them for just $7. You want all IPAs? Go for it. All the strong ales, barley wines, and imperial stouts? Be my guest. All the light summery stuff—wits, wheats, creams, and lagers? Enjoy.

While an extensive sampler like ours is pretty commonplace at most brewpubs, it’s fairly rare at beer bars and taprooms that carry a variety of different breweries. That means you’re not just getting the full range of beer styles, but also the entire gamut of West Coast brewing. So go ahead and pit your favorite breweries against one another. Sierra Nevada vs. Elysian, North Coast vs. Alaskan… you get the idea. Who wins? You do, of course.

But if narrowing down your options to 5 beers is still too difficult, here are my choices for this week’s perfect taster tray:

  1. Deschutes Cinder Cone (Nitro)
  2. Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Fresh Hop Ale
  3. Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Imperial IPA
  4. Alaskan Smoked Porter
  5. North Coast Brother Thelonious

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