Secrets of the Taproom

Part Three: Sombreros Optional

We like to keep it simple at Bailey’s. Beer, beer, beer. So sometimes we forget that there are those of you out there who like a little eating to go along with all that drinking. Lucky for us, we’ve got our amigos south of the border (well, technically north of the border that is Ankeny Street). El Grillo offers some of the tastiest, heartiest Mexican food you’ve ever bit into. If there’s a better combination than one of our beers and one of their spiced pork burritos, I haven’t found it yet.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Walk into El Grillo and order something delicious. Trust us when we say you can’t go wrong with a burrito; Geoff and I practically live off the stuff.

Step 2: Tell the friendly folks there that you’ll be drinking at Bailey’s, and ask them if they’ll bring it over when it’s ready (TIP: If you say “Please” or “Por favor”, they’ll totally do it).

Step 3: Come over to Bailey’s and drink beer. And when Tony from El Grillo shows up with your order, wave him over.

Step 4: Eat, drink, and be Mary. Or Bill. Or Fred. Or whatever your name is.

It’s pretty simple. There’s just one very important thing to remember: El Grillo ONLY takes cash. No credit cards, no checks, just the cold, hard greenbacks. If you can remember that, you’re not going to go home hungry.

So come for the beer, stay for the burritos… and more beer, of course.

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