Secrets of the Taproom

Part One: The Bailey’s Draft Mantra

Believe it or not, there’s a system at work at Bailey’s. It may all look like thinly veiled chaos, but we’ve got guidelines we follow and philosophies we live by. Usually, this kind of thing is Need To Know only, but since I’m not very good at keeping secrets, I’ll be exposing a few of our juicier tidbits from time to time.

Today’s entry revolves around our draft mantra—the secret oath we make to the Beer Gods (or the distributors) in order to stock our tap lines. If you ever catch us violating any of the laws below, let us know, and if Geoff is behind the bar, also feel free to indulge in some righteous anger and accusations that he’s betrayed your sacred trust. Because he has. He totally has.

Here’s how it goes:

Law One: “Only West Coast Beers On Tap”

The rest of the country be damned! Only California, Oregon, and Washington beers are served on tap at Bailey’s. If you really need your East Coast or Midwest fix, take your foreign attitude over to the bottle list. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule!*

*Except for Laughing Dog from Idaho or Avery from Colorado…

Law Two: “Once A Beer Blows, It Shall Not Return”

There are no staple taps. When a keg blows, something completely new comes on, which means you’re always in for a surprise here. So if you’re digging that Stone IPA we’ve got on right now, you’d better get it while you can, because it’s not ever coming back.* But hey, don’t worry. Something just as good—or better—may take its place.

*Well, not for another few months anyway…

Law Three: “Twenty Taps, Twenty Different Breweries”

Sure, it would be easy to find one brewery we really love and just stock 4 or 5 of their beers at a time. But what if you—the customer–don’t like that brewery, or what if you’ve had all those beers already? Each brewer is a separate artist with different sensibilities and sometimes opposing tastes. And the more variety we offer, the more likely you’ll be able to find a beer on tap that you’ll love. No monopolies at Bailey’s.*

*Please ignore the fact that we have multiple Bear Republic and Full Sail beers on right now…

Law Four: “No Common Draft Beers Of Any Kind”

Sometimes we’ll get asked when we’re putting on Widmer Hefeweizen or Mirror Pond Pale Ale or Bridgeport IPA. The answer to that question is “Never.”* If you can find it at most bars in Portland, it won’t be at Bailey’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with some of the more common craft beers around town (that’s up for debate, anyway); it’s just that our goal is to introduce you folks to beer you’ve never even heard of before… let alone tasted.

*Except for that one time…

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  1. My foreign attitude thinks that any Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ale should be on tap for me to try,but the world has its injustices.

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