Springtime for Beer

I had to return from my self-imposed blog exile today like the proverbial groundhog from his winter cave to tell you about the incredible beer we’ve been tapping this week. If you’ve been lucky enough to drop by over the past few days, you know what I’m talking about. We just blew through the last of the Deschutes Dissident, we just tapped the Three Creeks Stonefly Rye and Cascade Tempter Tripel, we’re practically empty on the firkin cask of Bridgeport Hop Czar that we started serving on Wednesday (although we’ve got a back-up keg of it coming on draft), and we’re introducing Upright Brewery to the Portland area with their farmhouse style Five.

It’s been such a relief for me to watch these spring beers arrive and start to replace some of the big beers of winter. The spring is that ideal time of the year when beer is clean and thirst-quenching but still flavorable enough to really appreciate and savor.

It’s also the time of the year that two of my favorite styles return– the maibock and the farmhouse/saisons. While we don’t have a maibock on yet, I’m just waiting for some kind soul to finish off our current Nitro beer so that we can tap it (that’s right– a maibock Nitro from Lompoc; three of my favorite words right up against each other).

As for the farmhouse, it’s excellent and all the more exciting since it hails from Portland’s newest brewery. Upright’s Five is a 5.5% ABV brew that’s  incredibly dry, spicy, and clean with just a bit of that barnyard funk sneaking in and a teensy bit of sourness on the finish. It’s probably the driest and hoppiest farmhouse I’ve ever had and absolutely perfect for a sunny spring day.

Anyway, with the sky looking like it’s finally going to remain blue and sunny for at least the rest of the day, you ought to come in and celebrate with a good beer. I know I am.

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