Stop Drinking All My Beer!

You hogs drank all my Ninkasi Oatis! I go to all the trouble of telling you how it’s such a great beer, and what do you do? You start guzzling it so that I can’t get another one. I mean, it was barely on tap. It just… went.

And then after you vultures polished off the Oatis, you consumed seven more kegs, thereby forcing me to fall completely behind and have to start all over again.

Way to stab a brutha in the back!

So that’s it. I’m definitely not talking to you about the North Coast Old Rasputin. I’m not going to tell you that it’s on Nitro at this very moment and that it is MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE BEER ON NITRO. Not gonna say it. Won’t mention that it tastes of coffee and cinnamon, roasted chocolate and thick, milky cream. And maybe it’s both smoother and more filling than most milkshakes, or maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s freakin’ 9% ABV but you’d never know it, or maybe I’m just making that up. I’m not telling.

So don’t bother drinking ALL of it. Or at the very least, just please–PLEASE!–leave a little for me!

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