Summer's End

As much as I hate to admit it, Portland’s sliding into Fall if it hasn’t already locked firmly into place by now. The skies are getting cloudier, the weather’s getting colder, and the leaves are beginning to change color. Anyone hoping to cling on to that summer feeling should stop by Bailey’s for a few of our lighter beers. These are probably the last of the summer style beers for the foreseeable future, so get ’em while you can.

  • Cascade Lakes Rooster Tail– Though this is being advertised as a pale ale, it actually tastes like a cream ale… a really solid cream ale. That pseudo-vanilla flavor you would expect is certainly prevalent here, along with a light honey sweetness. This is a very quiet and clean beer with just a hint of malt complexity. Perfect for throwing back on days you need to convince yourself the sun is still shining.
  • Pelican Kiwanda Cream– Okay, so this is supposed to be a cream ale, but it actually doesn’t taste like one. Instead, there’s a slight hint of lime and a thinner, even cleaner body than the Rooster Tail. The hops are subtle, but they’re present and give this beer just a little bit of a bite to go with the citrus. I’d call this one a very refreshing summer ale.
  • Hopworks Alt– Haven’t actually gotten to this one yet, I’m sorry to say, but I’ve heard good things from Geoff. He’s told me that it’s got a caramel amber flavor. Alts are traditionally ales that are brewed like lagers at colder temperatures, which results in a cleaner, slightly thinner taste. I’m betting the caramel flavors are really subtle, which is a nice change of pace from all those rich red ales that come through our bar.

Any of these beers are perfect for slugging back, with relatively low ABVs, clean finishes, and subdued hops. For those of you eager to move onto the hoppier, maltier, darker beers of the fall and winter, at least remind yourself what you’ll be missing out on in the coming months.

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