For anyone who likes their beers sweet, we’ve recently tapped a few beers that just might give you cavities. Hopheads need not apply.

  • Moylans Irish Red- This is one of the richest red ales I’ve ever had. It builds in caramel sweetness as toasted malts join in about halfway through the sip to temper that sugary burst. It mellows just a little from there, even getting a little sour in the finish. Aside from the mouthfeel effect, the hops in this one are practically unnoticeable.
  • Block 15 Belgian Brown- Is this a case of mistaken identity? As far as I can tell, this one tastes far too much of sweet banana flavors to be recognizable as your typically drier, more roasted and sour “Belgian Brown.” Rather, this is very much like a Dunkelweizen with the sweet banana flavors leading off and a lighter, more subtle roast and slight sourness peeking in at the end.
  • Caldera Old Growth ’04- What’s an Imperial Stout doing on this list? I have no idea. This beer is so crazy, it ought to be institutionalized. Technically a lager and brewed with black peppercorn, hemp seed, and a witch’s brew of other assorted ingredients, this “stout” tastes incredibly tart. Sour cherry hits you in the tongue to start, followed by a smoothing out of sweet and sour peaking and receding in turns, and a roasted, peppery finish that comes out of nowhere. Let this one warm up to get the full effect.

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