Terminal Gravity Event Tonight!

We held off for as long as we could, but it is now officially winter beer season at Bailey’s. The tape got cut yesterday with the tapping of the 2009 Terminal Gravity FestiveAle, a hearty mix of toasted caramel, rich dark fruit, a little holiday spice, and tons of hops, and it continues today, Friday the 13th, with three more strong TG ales perfect for curling up to.

Fans of aged beers are in for a particularly good time, as we’ll be tapping last year’s FestiveAle and both the 2002 and 2006 Bucolic Plague Barleywine. We recommend ordering small doses of each of these high octane beers to experience the huge difference a few years can make in the flavor profile of a strong ale.

And if you need help parsing through exactly what you’re tasting, we’ll have TG owner Steve Carper dropping by the bar around 7 tonight to provide a little insight on the beer making business and sign  autographs for any of you diehard TGers out there.

See you tonight!

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